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  1. Hello everyone, if u get this error while running our updater? There'S the fix for it: Download these files in your computer extact them and you will see 3 files!:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/782018986581819394/782020192318128158/vcruntime140_1.zip 2.GO C:/ windows/System32 then copy the files there 3. Go run you L2 Stage updater as ADMINISTRATOR and play Fix by Street-Gamer!! Regards, Stage
  2. Stage


    Hello everyone, Please see attached DISCORD invitation link:https://discord.gg/wJNaxQbVCx Regards, Stage
  3. Hello, They can be raided with lower level chars Regards, Stage
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to wish everyone WELCOME TO L2STAGE as we are live since 15.00 UTC+2 Regards, Stage
  5. Stage

    L2Stage Patch

    Hello Everyone, For those who encounter problems to login into the server please find attached a link below with our newest server patch and olso don't forget to register an account! DOWNLOAD THE LAST PATCH NEW // 14.12.2021 LOGİN İSSUE PROBLEM FİXED NOW YOU CAN LOGİN SUCCESFULLY. ! regards, Stage
  6. Stage


    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let you guys know that donations for AIO Buffers are open as soon as tomorrow. AIO BUFFER: 30 days(1 month) for 15 euro AIO BUFFER: 6 months for 50 euro AIO BUFFER: FOREVER for 80 euro Donation can be made via Paypal at: [email protected](friends/family section and note GIFT) After you donate please send an e-mail to [email protected] provideing fallowing information Screenshot with the transfer made Account name Char name "needs to be a human mystic" Amount of months you doneting for DISCLAIMER L2Stage is a free server to play and have fun with your friends therefore non of our admins will ask you for any amount of money to play in our server!!!By Donateing for L2Stage server means that you are doing it as a gift and off your on free will and no one is forceing you to do so. Regards, L2Stage Administration
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