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# Server Update #3 // 12.12.2021

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- Material Recipes added at Poseidon ( Shot Manager NPC ).
- Legendary Dusk Sword stats fixed.
- Animal Skin, Leather, Crafted Leather, Metallic Thread added in custom zone.
- Dark Elven Village NPC Buffer fixed.
- Allowed Boss Jewels, Potions, Custom Items on TvT.
- TvT Announcing with 5 minutes before the TVT Starts.
- Added new arena for TVT.
- Hero Weapons are equivalent with Weapons +16.
- Hero Infinity Spear removes from 1 to 2 skills per critical.
- Olympiad Games increased with 1 more hour.
- Raid Boss window reduced from +/- 1 hour to +/- 30 minutes.
- Epic Armor Parts drop on Core, Orfen, Zaken and Ant Queen.
- Dual SA Weapons has the old glows.
- Vengeance Skill is fixed.
- Clan Hall Bot clans cleaning.
- Blessed Enchant Weapon S & A edited. (Now you can enchant your weapon after +16 using a Bews 45% chance).
- Announcement when Epic Boss are alive.
- Added more informations regarding Raid Bosses on NPC Status.
- [AIO]Buffers Attack Speed increased.
- Tattoo of Pledge add more Evasion.


Best Regards,
Server Developer / Webmaster / Head Admin

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